Welcome to the G4AKE Website


Hello and welcome, my name is Chris.

This site is mainly concerned with RF design and engineering. It consists of a number of design notes collected over the years from work on amateur radio and other professional projects. Not all the endeavours were successful. In fact, in the early days, most of my radio projects failed miserably in one way or another. Some spectacularly so.

Working in industry taught me an important lesson – in complex projects, mathematical modelling is the key to success. The hard part is formulating a model that accurately follows reality under all conditions. I have included a number of mathematical derivations relating to amateur radio topics but I realise they will have limited interest due to their nature. I am hoping someone somewhere in the world (probably someone as sad as me) will find the derivations useful.

The site is a bit of a ramble! Some of the content is unusual and obscure. It seemed reasonable to publish them. Please be aware of possible mathematical errors and faulty thinking.


73 Chris